June 13, 2022
Latest company case about BANKING

Banks across the global are embracing interactive digital displays. Secure, user friendly input devices are essential components in today's banking industry. Interactive touchscreen displays are in the spotlight again; this time for projected growth and ease of use in the banking industry. The convenience and easy customization options that come equipped with devices like digital displays will be a major driver in demand. The benefits for bank branches don't end with strengthened security in financial transactions. In fact, there is a compelling case for the use of digital displays, from cost reduction to customer experience, all the way up to consistency. These interactive digital displays will be able to handle high-level transactions with ease, and bank staff will ideally be armed with the necessary training and tools to assist in the experience. This has the potential to allow for improved customer experience and higher levels of customer engagement. The latest trend in banking is actually a step back in time: Customers are being encouraged to talk with tellers.

ITD’s touch display devices have consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation with over 300,000 installations worldwide. The ability to withstand 24/7 use, resist scratching and increase optical clarity makes ITD’s touchscreen displays the right choice for banking automation equipment like ATM, CRS, VTM, etc. ITD can provide touchscreen displays solutions that will perform well in extreme environments and operate in a wide range of temperatures. Many ATMs are located outdoors and exposed to extreme heat, cold or humidity; this is not an issue for projected capacitive touchscreen monitors and infrared touchscreen monitors. These touchscreens can be designed to function with temperatures ranging from -20° to 70°C and custom thickness of touch panels are available for outdoor and vandal-proof applications.


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