June 13, 2022
Latest company case about MARINE

Specialized and ruggedized marine computers are an essential, if not mandatory, aspect of marine navigation systems for the sole reason that they have the ability to withstand all of the immensely harsh environmental and weather conditions that are inherently part of being on a naval vessel. Exposure to a combination of various elements, most notably strong winds and water, is inevitable which means that these machines need to be heavily equipped with adequate protective measures in order to prevent potentially detrimental and costly damages. For that reason, marine LCD displays are usually built with more durable and industry-specific materials and features. Countless potentially harmful elements are constantly lurking around every corner on naval vessels and it’s important to protect your assets adequately by not only being prepared for the worst conditions but also knowing how to navigate them successfully.

ITD industrial panel mount LCD monitors and panel PCs with robust projected capacitive touchscreen are ideally suited for extreme environment marine application because of their durability, performance and clarity, which support water proof, anodizing treatment, direct sunlight screen readability, brightness adjustability from 0 to 100%, optical bonding, dependable power input from 9~36V, operating from -20℃ to 70℃ assuring a reliable solution for marine display application.


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