Indoor and Outdoor Industrial Touch Displays from ITD

March 29, 2013
Latest company news about Indoor and Outdoor Industrial Touch Displays from ITD
ITD offers a wide variety of Industrial Open Frame LCD displays in terms of their features and sizes. These LCDs can be fitted with various interactive touch screens such as Projective Capacitive (PCT), SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), Capacitive, IR (Infrared) and 4-Wire or 5-Wire Resistive touch screens.
Industrial LCD Monitors are most commonly used in kiosks, gaming machines, vending machines, automotive infotainment Car PCs and in various other industrial and medical equipment; different sizes are good for different purposes. For instance, 15” Industrial Open Frame Displays are mostly used in Point of Sales terminals or ATM, the 17” Touch screen Industrial Open Frame Display has its uses in gaming and Kiosks, while the 19” Readable Open Frame Display works best for Transit Public Information Displays (PID). Big sizes like 26”, 32”, 42”, 55” 65” etc are welcome for indoor or outdoor digital signage.
All of these industrial touch displays are available in Sunlight Readable. By definition, a ‘Sunlight Readable LCD’ is one which is easily viewable in direct sunlight and one which carries a contrast ratio of at-least 5:1 or higher. Although a standard 500 nits LCD with a contrast ratio of perhaps 2:1 is viewable outdoors, the quality of viewing will be such that image will be mostly ‘washed-out’. ITD recommends using a LCD with at least 1000 nits brightness for outdoor use or with Transflective enhancement as well as Anti-Reflective coatings.
An industry leader in the 15” to 19” sizes display class, is the ITD 19” Open Frame Display which has a resolution of 1280×1024 and offers 16.2 million colors. Some common applications of this LCD display module are in the fields of medical, military, marine and gaming. As with the other two sizes, this LCD monitor allows several input options such as RCA Composite video, DVI, S-Video, HDMI input and VGA.
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