ITD 21.5” Bus Digital Signage

March 8, 2018
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Signage has been successfully used within the transportation industry for many years. It can be seen inside of shuttles, buses, train stations, subway stations, taxis, airports, and more. It has been extremely effective in grabbing the attention of busy travelers. The transportation industry has benefited greatly by using digital signage due to its quick and up-to-the-minute delivery of content. Compared to traditional signage, digital signage has been extremely practical to use due to its flexibility and ability to customize. Content and live TV can be shown on screen while travelers are sitting in a waiting area, passengers on a shuttle can automatically be alerted once they reach their stop, and the latest flight announcements can also be displayed on screen along with multiple other options. Digital signage serves as a tool which helps mitigate the hectic experience that comes with traveling.

ITD recently developed a 21.5” digital signage that is used in school shuttle bus. It comes with a Linux network based PC integrated and toughed glass for vandal proof. It’s robust steel chassis housing with 2mm thickness which is rugged enough for a shock and vibrate environment. It’s customized yellow color that matches with school shuttle bus perfectly and capture children’s attention and interest so that make them have a good mood and start to study. There are different sizes, standalone, network-based optional.
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