ITD Full Outdoor All Weather Displays

May 18, 2016
Latest company news about ITD Full Outdoor All Weather Displays
ITD all-weather displays are developed to deliver and keep optimal environment for integrated electronics in any outdoor location directly exposed to sun, rain, and snow. ITD displays excel in heat management, and are immune to humidity and dust particle intrusion, result in optimal performance of the LCD panels, and have long life expectancy.
Highest reliability and operation with accented aesthetics feel is what drives ITD product development. We do not want our customers restless when weather gets bad, when contents need higher processing power and there isn’t, or when unhappy sports fans passing by ITD outdoor displays channel frustrations through vandalism.
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● Extreme system stability and reliability in all
● Outdoor conditions, even in most extreme environments
● Optimal performance of the LCD panel Lower risk of critical LCD panel failures Simplicity and lower frequency of maintenance activities
● Extended Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
● Wide operating temperature from -40 to 55 degrees
● Lowest fluctuation in internal display temperature
● Highest operating humidity level
● Vandalism protection
● Different configurations optional like monitor, media player, Android/Windows PC built-in
● Wall mounted, floor-standing for landscape or portrait mode
● 21.5”, 24”, 27”, 32”, 42”, 47”, 55”, 65”, 70”, 82” optional
Finding the correct product for your application can be outright challenging. ITD has multiple combinations of vital product solutions that will fit your project's architecture. Beginning from mechanical design, add-on options, to post-sales support; ITD can take your project from start to finish in record time with substantial cost savings. With a full-range product line available, there are multitudes of pre-designed and configured solutions that reduce development time, engineering, project costs and overhead, and increase your time to market. We can also do customization for your special project or application. Please feel free to contact for more information in details.