ITD’s 43” Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor Used in Outdoor Kiosk

January 4, 2022
Latest company news about ITD’s 43” Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor Used in Outdoor Kiosk

Our LCD high brightness display is manufactured specifically to perform in brightly lit environments, even in direct sunlight. They are ideally suited to a number of applications including bus / train stations, gas stations, airports, and retail store windows, etc. The commercial grade high brightness display is designed for 24/7 usage, offering high contrast, excellent colour reproduction with a backlight producing a high brightness display of 1500~5000 nits. Recently, we have had our 43” 2500nits sunlight readable LCD monitors for a customer’s outdoor kiosks and have got excellent comments on the quality and performace.

Key Highlights
- High Fashion Look-Super Narrow Bezel
- Ultra-High Brightness 1,500~5,000 cd/m2 optional
- IPS Panel for Superior Color Uniformity
- Auto-Dimming Control to Save Power Energy
- Visible with Polarized Sunglasses
- Intelligent Thermal Design with Quiet Operation and Low Power Consumption & Longer Lifespan
- Combined TNi 110℃(230°F) Industrial LCD Panel with Blackening Defect Free under Direct Sunlight
- 24/7/365 Running Supported


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