ITD’s 49.5” Stretched LCD Monitor Used in Shopping Mall

January 3, 2022
Latest company news about ITD’s 49.5” Stretched LCD Monitor Used in Shopping Mall

Retail is undergoing a rapid and profound change worldwide, as retailers are applying cutting-edge technology to facilitate consumers' shopping experience. As the shopping malls are filled with screens, merchandise ads, prices and creative content are magically presented to shoppers. The best is yet to come, and it's waiting to be discovered. Bar LCD display is a commercial display product with an ultra-wide LCD screen. In order to meet different needs, it has various of display ratios of length and width. Based on common usage and customer requirements, ITD provides dozens of all-in-one digital signage stretched displays and stretched lcd monitors, as-a-way to offer cost-effective overall solutions, while remaining open to more possibilities.
- Replacing messy paper labels with digital shelf displays keeps shelves clean and tidy
- Showing video ads on the screen is a more effective way to stimulate buying desire
- One stretched screen can gracefully display information and prices for multiple products
- Digital content can be updated via network to save labor and material costs
- Stretched display mounted on the ceiling can be used as an electronic indicator to indicate directions
- It can be used to indicate product categories and special offer areas
- Multiple screens can play the same AD simultaneously to enhance the effect
- Smarter new retail solutions utilize devices like cameras to play different ads to different customers

ITD’s one of the successful cases that a 49” stretched bar LCD monitor has been largely installed in a shopping mall in UAE as a digital sign.

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