Smart Meeting Room Terminal-PoE Panel PC for Access Control

November 16, 2022
Latest company news about Smart Meeting Room Terminal-PoE Panel PC for Access Control

With a touchscreen panel outside each meeting room, attendees can view room availability upon entry, view information on a pending booking, or making bookings for a later time on the touchscreen device itself. Plus, these panel PCs help to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the room during the period booked with its RFID access control. Not to mention the RGB LED lightbar indicators to provide clear information on the availability of the meeting rooms. Currently, the access control HMI panel PCs are serving companies, buildings, universities, and colleges across the world.

With a versatile 10.1-inch touchscreen panel PC, meeting room info is displayed to save precious company time for employees. Having a clear panel PC display with an RGB lightbar indicator in front of meeting rooms can greatly reduce the time checking whether the room is free or not, e.g., a red indicator shows an occupied room, whereas a green indicator means the room is free. These panel PCs help corporations and institutions maximize their meeting room occupancy and increase overall workplace efficiency.

- 10.1inch PCAP Multi-Touchscreen supports to easily key in data, rotate images, or zoom in on important info.
- Front IP65 proofing for dust and water resistance – good for dusty office environments or wet fingers.
- Fanless design to minimize dust circulation and power consumption.
- RGB lightbar with room availability and access control indicated through a customizable red, green, or blue lightbar to suit your corporate needs.
- Access control with RFID reader grants employees the right to join specific meetings, which can be used with the RGB lightbar for user authentication.
- PoE(Power Over Ethernet) can simplify external cable connection and only one ethernet cable to make it work.

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