Sunlight Readable Touch Monitor for EV Charger

May 26, 2021
Latest company news about Sunlight Readable Touch Monitor for EV Charger

Nowadays there are many companies focused on delivering the best possible electric vehicle charging solutions to the market, but only the best ones will survive. The display is one of the components that can make it stand out from the competition, as this is the part that users interact the most. There are a wide-size range (7” ~43”) from ITD for high brightness solutions used in EV chargers. Several electrical vehicle charging stations needed to be installed in busy outdoor locations which would be exposed directly to sunlight. Therefore, clear visibility under strong sunlight was an essential priority. The stations also had to be able to resist fluctuating temperatures, sometimes extreme, with performance and stability unaffected.

Recently, ITD has developed a 17” sunlight readable PCAP touch monitor for a customer who is focus on EV chargers. There are the following features:
- 1500nits ultra high brightness display provides superior visibility
- LED backlight panel for 20% power saving and environmental protection
- Projected capacitive touch screen with vandal proof and water touching support
- IP65 NEMA4 rated on front panel
- -20° C ~ 70° C wide range operating temperature support
- Optical bonding optional
- VESA mounting and rear flush mounting support
- Long lifespan for 50000hours’s LED backlight

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