What is the difference between an industrial panel PC and an ordinary computer

August 10, 2021
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What is the difference between an industrial panel PC and an ordinary tablet computer? It can be seen from the name that industrial panel PCs are industrial-specific equipment with relatively complete and stable performance, and of course the price is relatively expensive. Ordinary computers are computer equipment that we usually see in shopping malls or in our lives. What is the difference between them? Today ITD will introduce a few points for you.
1: Customization:
Once an ordinary computer is produced into a finished product, it cannot be changed at will, while the industrial panel computer, its industrial motherboard can flexibly meet the subsequent special needs of some customers. Can realize user customization. Better and more perfect to meet the customer's demand environment.

2: Manageability
Ordinary commercial motherboards only provide simple remote management. In addition to providing similar remote connection management, industrial motherboards can also realize remote unattended automatic switch machine functions.

3: Components Used
Commercial computers are more time-sensitive, based on market positioning as a standard, internal components only need to meet general requirements, and their service life is relatively short. However, industrial panel PCs have higher requirements, and it is necessary to ensure that the product can be used under harsh conditions.

4: Working Temperature
The use environment of ordinary commercial motherboards has limitations and can only be used between 5 degrees and 38 degrees. The industrial motherboard can work stably between minus 20 degrees and 70 degrees.

5: Life Cycle
Due to the fast internal upgrading of commercial computers, the general commercial motherboards only have a life cycle of six months to one year. The motherboard of an industrial panel PC can reach a life cycle of up to 5 years or even more than 10 years.

6: Protection Function
The protection function only appears on the nuclear industrial panel PC, which fully guarantees the high stability requirements of the system in harsh environments.

7: Product Reliability
Due to different market positioning, authentication methods and testing methods are different. It will have much stricter requirements for industrial panel PCs.