June 13, 2022
Latest company case about AUTOMATION

The automation industry including industrial automation, factory automation, building automation outlook examine the market for automation products and systems. Much of the current HMI (Human Machine Interface) touchscreen panel PCs and industrial LCD displays deployment focuses on projects that improve hardware and software flexibility and comprehensive device management, more intelligent functionality, greater compliance with environmental regulations, ensure better product safety and reduce costs. Finding the correct product for your application can be outright challenging.

ITD has multiple combinations of vital product solutions that will fit your project's architecture. Beginning from mechanical design, electronics engineering, add-on options, to post-sales support; ITD can take your project from start to finish in record time with substantial cost savings. With a full-range product line available, there are multitudes of pre-designed and configured solutions that reduce development time, engineering, project costs and overhead, and increase your time to market.


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