June 13, 2022
Latest company case about ENERGY

Restructuring of the industry, energy costs, growing demand, integration of distributed generation and other factors place electrical utilities in a dynamic intricate environment that demands seamless flow of information in a scalable, reliable and secure environment. The utilities industry is expected to increase investments on power, water and wastewater infrastructure development to meet increasing demands. HMIs are progressively being implemented in utility markets. Increased manufacturing activity and population spurs demand for highly effective and efficient monitoring and operating interfaces for power generation, transmission, and distribution in order to optimize power usage. Moreover, environmental regulations and water quality directives stress on control limits and release of effluents into the environment, which have increased investments in effective automation systems.

ITD HMI Touch Panel PC Series are engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes, demanding visualization and control tasks of machines and automation systems while simplifying operation and programming. Using flexible and standardized interfaces for embedded computing allows for easy and efficient integration for almost any machine, application or environment.


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