June 13, 2022
Latest company case about GAMING

The gaming industry is continuing to develop new games that require new gaming machines. The environment in which many gaming machines thrive requires a durable interface that can withstand dirt, debris, dust, vandalism as well as provide a surface that will not be damaged if a user pours out liquids on the screen. Many machines are located within a counter top and a zero-bezel design will assist with the enclosure. A zero-bezel design combined with an all-glass touchscreen construction allows for a tight and durable enclosure that will be easy-to-clean and frequent use.

ITD’s zero-bezel PCAP touch screen monitors, rear mount SAW touch monitors, IR touch screen monitors are the perfect solutions for all gaming machines. They all come with LED long life technology removes the hassles of replacing CCFLs as well as keeping the screen up to 50% cooler to protect gaming machine components. Driver free touch options, modular design, advanced shielding technology, and breakthrough cooling components engineered to work in high traffic environments where other gaming touch screens simply don’t cut it. Ultra-fast touch response, outstanding picture quality and built-in Anti-Vandal / Anti-Glare Technology helps enhance the player’s experience for longer gameplay while minimizing guest complaints. Highest grade LED displays used to deliver a wider color gamut and 24/7 reliability for maximum uptime. We have custom touch screen solutions that tailor to your gaming application. Need a custom size for a slot machine or gaming table? No problem, contact us today to find out how we can transform your guest’s gaming experience.


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