June 13, 2022
Latest company case about RETAIL

The retail environment has changed beyond recognition in recent years. Although we’re living through economic turbulence, the retail industry is still going strong, albeit with a high street that is creaking. In order to survive, some of retail’s key players need to make sure they are getting the best out of modern technology. Although internet shopping is increasingly popular, it is just as vital that physical stores are still there to complement them. A recent study shows that although two out of three shoppers use at least one device to research and make transactions, a full 46% of them actually use stores’ websites to check prices before they visit the store itself. Touch screen kiosks and point of sales are now a big part of the retail environment and have sped up the process of taking payments and receiving customer orders as well as shortening queues. Today’s consumers are screen oriented and are instinctively drawn to messaging and invitation when presented on a big screen. The options are limitless!

ITD helps retailers create an intuitive and highly engaging customer experience with unique touchscreen displays options. Our solutions include ultra-fast and accurate touch response which is critical for retail applications. All of our components are industrial/commercial grade that means longer display life, unlimited touch activations and better clarity under hectic retail environments. The most important factor of a industrial/commercial grade monitor is that it is built for consistent use 24/7. These include a 1-3 year warranty reinforcing the durable, longer lasting reputation of ITD industrial/commercial touchscreen, video wall and all in one computer solutions.


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