June 13, 2022
Latest company case about TRANSPORTATION

Transportation touch screen display solutions for various specialized applications such as monitoring, stops indications, adverting display, self-service ticket ordering, etc. and can play a crucial role in the market. When paired with the right display enhancement options, these ruggedized designs can withstand the daily use and abuse of heavy equipment, mass-transit systems and more. As railway systems grow more complex, issues of end-product equipment safety, ease of operation, and reduction of human error are becoming extremely important. To meet the different demands of anti-shock and vibration in railway applications, we provide different grades of shock or vibration standards for our product range.
ITD industrial grade touch screen monitors are built rugged to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Robust aluminum alloy used for the frame as well as cold rolled steel for the back chassis and 3-6 mm heat tempered glass comes standard. Reliability is our top priority. Over 10 years of research has enabled us to engineer a proprietary industrial cooling system that allows the display to run 24/7 without damage caused by overheating common in traditional displays. Our touchscreen displays are tested to ensure operation under high vibrative & shaky environment. Each component from the power supply to the LED mechanism is shielded from electromagnetic interference. This makes it possible to work next to sensitive equipment or equipment that emits high electrical noise without conflict.


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