Industrial LCD monitors usage in varied environmental conditions offered by ITD

May 15, 2013
Latest company news about Industrial LCD monitors usage in varied environmental conditions offered by ITD
Industrial panel means it has 50000hours’lifetime and wide operating temperature range. Furthermore, it has much more stable production time. If you are planning to utilize long-life Industrial LCD Display Panels in your device, the market’s currently low pricing of LCD panels make this a great time to make the purchase. LCD screens are very much used in the modern workplace. They typically are embedded with an Open Frame LCD display, and finally assembled into device or equipment. In fact, it is now very rare to find a computer without one of these displays, although the cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors are still widely used in older systems on boats, hospital equipment and control rooms.LCD displays have several important advantages over CRT monitors in that they take up far less space, they power-up almost instantaneously, and they use around 70% less power than a similar sized CRT monitor.LCD monitors are in fact so prevalent in the market place that almost every new computer purchased comes with a monitor that has an embedded LCD screen.There are several reasons for the increased popularity of LCD displays:Firstly, most computer monitors that are purchased are designed for use at home or in an office environment.The LCD monitors are designed to sit in the same place for years, and not be moved.They are designed for normal environmental conditions. They are not designed to be used in environments that are extremely hot, cold, damp or dusty. Such environments are ideal for a more rugged open frame LCD display solution.These consumer-grade LCD displays are not designed to be particularly scratch resistant. Also they are not designed to withstand 24/7 constant operation or environments where there are vibrations.If your LCD display’s environment falls outside of these categories then an industrial LCD monitor would be an ideal display solution.Industrial LCD displays are designed to withstand far more stringent environments. For industrial LCD displays that are suited for sunlight readability, harsh environments, vibrations or long-life operation, please contact ITD with your requirements.Industrial LCD screens are commonly used in the oil industry, in hot climates and in very cold climates, often well below freezing conditions such as used by the military.The industrial LCD displays can be used in harsh environments such as areas where large amounts of dust may be present that could potentially affect the electronics of a regular LCD display.Industrial monitors are designed to work in any environment as described above.Industrial monitors are also designed to be shock and often scratch resistant. They come in different models that can be bolted down, making them ideal for use in marine display applications. These LCD displays are robust and designed to be moved and deployed in various locations frequently if needed.If you are looking for an LCD display solution that is being deployed in a harsh environment, please contact ITD for suggestion on finding your ideal industrial LCD monitor.
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