Open Frame LCD Monitors from ITD

April 17, 2013
Latest company news about Open Frame LCD Monitors from ITD
Open frame touch screen monitor is very popular and seem to be everywhere. The features and characteristics which make it so demanding are that they are extremely easy to use, portable and easy to move, light in weight and easily mountable. It function like a keyboard or any input device but it display only as much data and button choices as users need to complete a task.
As this doesn’t have too much of options or information for the user to choose, it is most preferred by many industries and manufacturing units to give their customers a rich and user friendly experience.
Open Monitor LCD displays with touch screen feature are very popular in ATM’s, Kiosks, Industrial operation machines, Hospital operating rooms, Casinos, Gaming etc. Such monitors are made up of bare metal framed monitors and that is why they are known as open frame monitors. There are several other factors including metal/plastic housing, Resistive, Capacitive, touch screens with USB or RS232. It also includes digital or analogue or video inputs jacks. Viewing all above features, it can be declared that an open frame touch screen LCD monitor comes with a plethora of advantages.
ITD offers you open frame LCD monitors from 5.7” to 82” with flexible designing and versatile inputs to meet different customers’ requirements. All types of touch screens are optional for all sizes. Custom-made service is also welcome.
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