Open Frame Displays Size Comparison

April 11, 2013
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Open Frame displays offer a certain quality and custom features that are not available in regular LCD monitor displays. For industrial applications, one may choose to skip using front buttons, and instead increase LCD brightness, and add a touch screen to make the display fit the task. Depending on their relative sizes, these LCDs may be used in kiosks, industrial equipment as well as military ruggedized and sunlight readable equipment. Open frame displays come with an internal metal chassis which eliminates the need of displays that already have a plastic or metal casing around them. These Open Frame LCD monitors can even be installed outdoors; their vibrant images and bright backlights would ensure a high-quality signage display in such environments. The wide range of signal inputs used by these displays allows them to be connected to PCs with DVI and HDMI outputs for excellent image clarity.
With Open Frame displays, different LCD sizes serve different markets and applications. The 10.4” Open Frame Industrial LCD display for instance is used widely in marine boat controls because of its medium size and high brightness backlight. It offers a class-leading 1200:1 contrast ratio for vivid images, and can be fitted with a variety of touch screens including Resistive 5-wire touch screen, Surface Capacitive touch screen or a SAW touch screen. The open frame display allows high definition signals via HDMI and DVI inputs. Using a 500 nits LED backlight ensures energy saving and low heat output.
On the other hand, a 12.1” Industrial Open Frame LCD is a screen size that is more suitable for industrial automations and in vehicle applications including military vehicle displays. The high brightness LCD backlight is 1000 nits, and allows for sunlight readability. It comes equipped with an internal speaker and offers an above average contrast ratio of 600:1. The touch screen overlay options are similar to that of the 10.4” Open Frame LCD. Its range of display options includes VGA, DVI and AV.
Stepping up to a larger sized screen, like the 15” Industrial Open Frame LCD display is ideal for marine and boating outdoor information displays. With a brightness of up to 1000 nits, reading on-screen information and data is comfortable for the end-user, even in direct sunlight. Optionally, such Open Frame displays can be coated with an anti-reflective film which further enhances readability in sunlight and improves the user experience.
Larger sizes in the Open Frame display market, such as 17” Industrial Open Frame displays are ideal for sunlight readable outdoor public information displays, media walls and generally all situations where a larger display is required. The high brightness LED backlight in this display has an industrial life rating of 50,000 hours and generally lasts over the lifetime of the equipment or project.
Open Frame monitors generally use LCDs that are Industrial grade and come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. Such monitors are rating for 50,000 hours of operating life or higher, and provide special features such as a wide viewing angle. These Open Frame industrial displays optionally can be coated with anti-glare or anti-reflective films that significantly increase the view ability. The type of touch screens that can work with these LCDs include Resistive Touch screens, Capacitive Touch screens (surface and projected), Infrared touch screens and the SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screens.
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