ITD Bar-Type Stretched Android LCD Displays

May 9, 2017
Latest company news about ITD Bar-Type Stretched Android LCD Displays
ITD's Bar-type stretched Android LCD displays can be used to replace traditional LED signage at a low power consumption solution that will energy saving and improve visual effect. The Bar-type stretched LCDs offer ultra-wide aspect ratio display and high resolution available in different sizes. It is now available equipped with ARM based PC not only single media player or AD board for easy, flexible mounting in both horizontal or vertical installations. Designed for high performance, the Bar-type displays stretched can be with Android 4.2 integrated for PPC option, which is ideal for public transportation, exhibition halls/showrooms, department stores, slot machine, and vending machine use.
latest company news about ITD Bar-Type Stretched Android LCD Displays  0
●ARM Quad Core RK3188 1.6GHz Processor with optional Android 4.2operating system
8”, 14.9”, 15”, 19.1”,20.3”,28”,29”,34.9”37”,43”,59”,etc other specially cut sizes optional with super wide aspect ratio screen
Perfectly replace traditional LED Signage that has very bad visual effect
Standard 500nits and High brightness at 1000nits optional
VGA,DVI,HDMI inputs or single media player built-in optional
Mechanical structure in open frame, chassis optional
Please be advised that we can do customized cut sizes if you let us know the outline dimensions or active area. If you have interest or need more technical details, please contact Our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.