ITD Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Monitors

February 8, 2017
Latest company news about ITD Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Monitors
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The Climate Change is getting more fiercely than ever. The Northern Hemisphere such as Europe and North America currently suffer ice, wind, and storms which has caused severe damages in winter. On the contrary, the Southern Hemisphere like India is attacked by heat waves and it happens such high temperature that caused many deaths in summer.
ITD releases the Wide Range Temperature LCDs which can survive in those harsh environments. The Wide Range Temperature LCDs are capable of displaying clear and visible images in extreme sunlight and under a wide operating temperature range from -20℃to +70℃.
Except the benefits of Wide Range Temperature, the IP65-rate(NEMA 4) for front panel or all directions design with IP65/IP66/IP67 is perfect for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments, such as semi-outdoor/full outdoor LCD applications. The following is our standard sizes for Wide Range Temperature.
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Benefits of Wide-Temperature Industrial LCD Monitors:
·Increased Durability – Rugged displays are resistant to damage from temperature extremes, weather conditions, physical use, and dust/pollutants. Industrial displays are often waterproof (IP 65/66 sealed) and feature a rugged chassis that prevents damage.
·Consistent, Reliable Use – With a rugged industrial display, high-level operations can be performed with the knowledge that the display will provide consistent use.
·Improved Performance – Industrial displays feature capabilities and technology that provide the best performance, including reduced power draw, LED backlighting, sunlight-readable capability, deep-dimming potentiometers, and other functions that allow for greater use and accessibility.
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