ITD Flat Touch Panel Computers

May 24, 2017
Latest company news about ITD Flat Touch Panel Computers
ITD's true flat Panel PC series is designed to bring computing to all sorts of places where a desktop or notebook computer is not feasible. Our Panels thrive in places like distribution and control centers, terminals or other industrial settings with harsh and demanding environments that require 24/7 uptime. Our flat panel mountable series has resistive touch screens with an outstanding lifetime of 35 million touches, if resistive touch is not suitable for your certain application, ITD products can also be equipped with Projected Capacitive touch screens that has lifetime of 50 million touches. We have developed two optional for true flat surface touch panel computers: Bezel-Free Chassis Touch Panel Computer; Panel Mounted Touch Computer. The both offer a wide variety of screen sizes and touch screen technologies. These are offered with an Intel Celeron Bay Trail J1900 2.0GHz or Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor. ITD's flat panel product series are easy to clean and eliminate dust or debris building up on the surface of the device. And the projected capacitive touch screen comes with 10 multi touch points, vandal proof, IP65 rated.
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