ITD Full Outdoor Displays/Digital Signage

June 8, 2017
Latest company news about ITD Full Outdoor Displays/Digital Signage
Enjoying outdoor entertainment from sports stadiums, to luxury resorts, to amusement parks is a favorite pastime for many. Watching your team score the winning touchdown anywhere in the stadium. Enjoying a beautiful sunset at an outdoor lounge. Spending the day with family at your favorite amusement park. All these experiences are enhanced by outdoor displays. Our outdoor displays are completely weatherproof with fully-sealed design provides the ultimate protection against weather, water, and dust. An intelligent temperature control system keeps internal components safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled in extreme heat which makes our outdoor displays can be installed anywhere, providing a great high definition entertainment experience. You can rest assured that when you install a ITD full outdoor display in a venue, it will perform flawlessly for years.
ITD outdoor displays, all-weather 4K video screens and outdoor digital signage solutions provide an optimum viewing experience for any outside commercial venue which encourages customer engagement, way finding and interactive capabilities at beach-side resort & hospitality settings, pro sports stadiums, airports and now offers all-weather menu boards for quick-serve restaurants.
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● Direct-sun tolerant, super bright screens
● Anti-reflective/Anti-glare tempered glass
● Multi-fan airflow systems supporting operating temperature from -20~50℃.
● Air-condition systems supporting operating temperature from -45~55℃.
●Along with a best-in-class rugged exterior engineered for demanding commercial-grade applications.
● Supporting portrait and landscape display modes
● 1500nits, 2000nits, 2500nits
● Multi Touch PCAP Touchscreens, Multi Touch Foil
● Wall-mounted, Floorstanding, Double-sided Screens
● Monitor with HDMI/RS232, Single Media Player, ARM based PC, x86 based PC built-in
● 21.5”, 24”, 27”, 32”, 42”, 43”, 49”, 50”, 55”, 58”,60”, 65”, 70”, 84” and other customized sizes
● Customized Cabinets Design