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December 8, 2020
Latest company news about Self-Ordering Kiosks from ITD Tech

Nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic situation has radically changed the way of restaurants thinking about self-ordering kiosks. What was once seen as costly and impersonal technology, is now considered as a cost-effective way to reduce face-to-face contact and keep guests safe from the spread of the coronavirus. Even in full-service restaurants where kiosks may not seem like a natural fit, restaurants are using the technology to streamline their takeout orders and reduce face-to-face contact with service personals. Its safety is not the only benefit. Self-ordering kiosks have also helped restaurants reduce waiting time, improve order accuracy, and most importantly, boost select range – benefits that just about any restaurant can enjoy.

●Increase the check size to increase sales turnover of restaurants.
●Decrease wait times by letting customers build their order, send it to the kitchen, and pay, all in just a few taps.
●With your customers’ selecting and submitting their own orders, the margin of error for orders will decrease significantly.
●Help improve productivity by giving restaurateurs the flexibility to move staff around
●Help to reduce restaurateurs’ labor costs overall.
●Keep customers and staff safe by reducing in-person interactions during the pandemic situation

●15.6”, 21.5”, 24”, 27”, 32”
●RFID/NFC smart reader, ID card reader, thermal printer, camera, binocular camera, POS, QR reader, 4G Module, GPS, etc. peripherals
●Wall-mounting, Floor standing
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